What is REHBEL?

We are an ever growing company connected through cannabis and the will to find your own way.

Nonconformists from diverse backgrounds, powerful journeys, and the strength to rise above. REHBEL is an ever growing family working together to build one of the biggest brands in the country.

Our goal is to become the Jack Daniels of cannabis.

What we do

Our cultivation team grows our premium flower while the construction crew has been restoring our 500,000 square foot headquarters.

REHBEL is dedicated to evolve and grow on every level. We conquer the restoration of our historic headquarters on our own, while growing thousands of pounds of top quality cannabis along the way.

We recreate Mother Nature; providing an environment for the plants to thrive.

Where we came from

From drifters to construction workers, our unique pasts and experiences led us to REHBEL.

Years ago our founder quit his job and moved onto the streets of California in an RV he bought from a rock band for $2k. He wanted to break free from the system and learn how to live life on his own terms. For ten years he did just that, traveling the world as a drifter.

One thing he found was that all people had one thing in common, regardless of where they were from. They were all trying to find their own way in life, and eventually that became his core mission. To let others know they were not alone in the struggle, and that sometimes you had to rebel against the world to remain free.

He started REHBEL out of a 10x10 grow tent while living in a warehouse and was down to his last roll of dimes. At first the cannabis industry was a means of survival for him, but eventually he realized it went hand in hand with everything else he was working on. Among other things, cannabis had the ability to open your mind and connect on a higher level of thinking.

5 years later, he ended up buying the same building he used to live in. And it happened to be a 500,000 sq. ft. powerhouse located in the heart of Lansing. REHBEL quickly expanded to over fifty employees and multiple companies under one roof. With the core mission of becoming one of the biggest brands in the country.

Cannabis aligns with our vision; it has the power to open your mind and connect with others on a higher level.

How we give back

We’re elevating our quality of life for ourselves, the people who support us, and we love to give back as well.

In 2020 we sponsored 35 billboards statewide with the message to inspire others to choose "Love over hate & fear". REHBEL also donated over 300 Thanksgiving meals to people less fortunate that year, and 1,000 meals to families in 2021.

The bigger we become, the more we can look out for those who really need it.

How we connect

We’re breaking free from the BS and doing social media our way. We've created our website to remind you that you are not alone, while encouraging you to unplug and live a life for real.

"We hope you enjoy our product because I promise you, we put a lot of passion and hard work into growing it!! Thank you for your support, and all the best in finding your own way.”

-Michael S. Doherty, Founder