About Rehbel

The REHBEL Mission

To create an exhilarating experience for our buyers.
For them to see more than just a product, but to enhance their journey, and pave the road to find their own way.

REHBEL Journey

One guy, a 10 X 10 grow tent, and a small amount of clones, to be perfecting our craft to bring you quality product from the capital city; Rehbel has made its name as Michigan’s Largest cannabis cultivation company and getting stellar recognition in the industry. Sitting on an amazing 500,000 sq feet of pure growing territory right in Lansing, Michigan. Rehbel industries is on its way to being the Jack Daniels of the cannabis industry.

Rehbel Industries is the largest Michigan owned and operated, growth-orientated company, focusing on the cultivation and manufacturing of medical and adults use quality cannabis flower.

Although headquartered in Michigan’s capital city, we here at Rehbel Industries are not restricted to one designated location. We make ourselves easily accessible for our affiliated partners and our buyers, and we aim to work with the entire Mitten State.

REHBEL Partners

House of Dank (All Locations)
Homegrown (all locations)
Pure Canna (all locations)
Monster Edibles
Green Buddha (all locations)
Green Culture (all locations)
Green Stem (all locations)
Exclusive (all locations)
Gage Cannabis (all locations)
Arbor Kitchen
Hashish Boys
Firecreek - Battle Creek
Firecreek - Bay City

The Jack Daniels of Cannabis