REHBEL's Founder

“Sometimes you have to rebel against the world to remain free.”
REHBEL’s founder sold everything he owned, bought a RV and travelled as a drifter for 10 years connecting with different people from around the world. He found one universal truth amongst all he met was; they're all trying to find their own way in life. “Finding your own way” became his core mission, and he set his intention on letting others know they were not alone in the struggle to survive.

Creating REHBEL

“Caregiving before caregiving"

REHBEL’s founder began growing, while living in a room he rented in an industrial warehouse. With a 10x10 grow tent he began the journey, selling everything he owned and risking it all for a better life. At first, growing was a means of survival, but quickly he realized how cannabis aligned with his vision. Cannabis had the power to open your mind and connect on a higher level of thinking. He created REHBEL to connect with others, through cannabis.


History of REHBEL HQ

"The REO Family"

Originally built for REO Auto Manufacturing, REHBEL's HQ has been a well-known historical site in Lansing for over 100 years. John Bean purchased the property and used it as a large wartime production facility in the 1940's, until it was closed in 1974. The building was then divided and rented out to several smaller companies and remained largely unoccupied for 40 years, until REHBEL. REHBEL's founder felt drawn to the building, knowing it was special and made for a greater purpose. Purchasing the building he once lived in out of survival, the story of REHBEL, their founder and building is no coincidence.