REHBEL's Founder

“Sometimes you have to rebel against the world to remain free.”
Years ago our founder quit his job and moved onto the streets of California in an RV he bought rom a rock band for $2k. He wanted to break free from the system and learn how to live life on his own terms. For ten years he did just that, travelling the world as a drifter. One thing he found was that all people had one thing in common, regardless of where they were from. They were all trying to find their own way in life, and eventually that became his core mission. To let others know they were not alone in the struggle, and that sometimes you had to rebel against the world to remain free.

Creating REHBEL

“Caregiving before caregiving"

He started REHBEL out of a 10x10 grow tent while living in a warehouse. At first the cannabis industry was a means of survival for him, but eventually he realized it went hand in hand with everything else he was working on. Among other things, cannabis had the ability to open your mind and connect on a higher level of thinking.


History of REHBEL HQ

Several years later they own their 500,000 sq. ft. warehouse, which happens to be the same one our founder used to live in. A constant project with about 75 employees and enough power to run a small city, REHBEL is truly positioned to be the Jack Daniels of the cannabis industry.