Our Flower

“We aim to recreate Mother Nature; providing an environment for our plants to thrive”

We have worked hard to evolve and master our growing process. Our goal is to provide our customers with premium, consistent flower they can trust. We strictly control the environments of our 3,000 square-foot grow rooms. Using top-of-the line equipment and providing premium nutrients, REHBEL’s plants flourish from clone to cut down.



"Trusted genetics from generation to generation"
High quality bud requires elite genetics and a strong foundation. Our clones are propagated from strong and healthy mother plants, ensuring quality genetics from generation to generation. Clones are individually inspected for health and root development, only choosing the healthiest for vegetation.



"You can taste the passion they put into their product"
Vegetative plants are selected from the strongest clones and are transferred into a sterile 3,000 square foot vegetation room. Each room is stocked with over 100 fans and lights, custom HVAC systems, and temperature controls to emulate Mother Nature’s spring climate. We provide daily maintenance to make sure our plants are happy, healthy, and growing to their full potential.


"We're perfectionists in every way"
Our master cultivators use the environmental controls to regulate and monitor each room to optimize growth and increase yields. Flowering plants are provided custom built trellises, plenty of nutrients, and optimum conditions to thrive.


“Becoming the Jack Daniels of Cannabis”
We practice efficiency to consistently grow top shelf marijuana. Using elaborate systems built from experience, the cultivation team processes weekly, wholesale harvests. We take pride in trimming and curing our bud for taste and aesthetic, providing our customers with products they can trust.