Your Feedback

"Thank you so much for the food basket your generosity is appreciated. You are a good asset to the Baker neighborhood, we need good things to get out from under the stigma this neighborhood has had for decades."
- Julia H.
"My wife my month old son and I live on Lyons Avenue. We literally live right by one of Rehbel’s gates at the dead end of Lyons. I have met a few of the workers and Mike the owner since living here and being a 420 friendly person I’m not shocked at all about how nice you all are. Yesterday as I sat and watched football holding my son a gift from Rehbel was dropped at our door. As I’m sure you know turkey and all the fixings never in my life did I ever think I’d be able to say the weed factory gave us A Thanksgiving dinner but you guys went above and beyond driving through the neighborhood. As a fellow charitable person we will always wish we could do more, but as a neighbor who sees workers (neighbors) almost daily I just wanted to say Thank you all! God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving if you guys ever need anything on the other side of the gate or fence let me know."
- Adam E. and Family
"My family and I have lived on Lyons Avenue just a few yards from what is now REHBEL's gate for nearly six years. It can be a rough neighborhood. I was shocked at the sight of a REHBEL forklift and a score of people in REHBEL attire strolling down our street this afternoon, and overwhelmed at what they left at every doorstep: a complete turkey dinner and trimmings with Thanksgiving only five days away! I was surprised well enough by the Trunk or Treat you hosted this Halloween, and now this! There are not sufficient thanks for what you've done for this neighborhood. Namaste!"
- David E.