The REHBEL construction crew has been hard at work finishing an additional 6,000 sq. ft. of cultivation rooms.

REHBEL celebrates the additional rooms.

REHBEL staff cheered as they turned on the power to 100 more lights. While REHBEL’s cultivation team has been processing weekly harvests, the construction team has been rapidly expanding the facility to keep up.

Preparing the room’s new lights.

“The construction was a trust thing back in the day, along with finding people who could actually do the work”, stated REHBEL’s founder, regarding his company’s beginnings. “So we started doing it ourselves.”

REHBEL’s first commercial facility in 2015, before serious renovations.

The original hardwood floors have been sanded and sealed with industrial grade epoxy.

REHBEL’s construction crew prepares the original hardwood floors with a machine intended for basketball courts.

The original sawdust was used to color match and fill any gaps, resulting in a glass like finish.

Showcasing the century of one-of-a kind-industrial usage.

Original hardwood floors sparkle after about $20K in epoxy.

“Industrial construction is different”, stated REHBEL’s founder. “We’re building things to last.”

They own all their own equipment, and most things in the facility have been renovated and built in-house.

REHBEL hangs the last of the wall panels.

Each room costs over $300K to build out, requiring extensive systems to recreate Mother Nature. Including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, wall systems, humidity controls, and more.


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