On Saturday, REHBEL gave back to the Lansing community by providing 1,000 Thanksgiving dinners to families, ministries and organizations within the area.

In 2020 they donated 300 meals, and the event was so successful that REHBEL decided to triple the amount for 2021.

REHBEL volunteers arrived early to finish assembling 1,000 boxes and fill them with a Turkey and all of the trimmings for a Thanksgiving meal to feed an entire family.

They organized an assembly line of tables with numbered stations, and the boxes were finished in just a few hours. When REHBEL sets a goal, they get it done. Whether it’s cannabis, construction, or community events REHBEL is determined to make a big impact.

While some staff organized the details of the dinner giveaway, others were in charge of preparing the space to accommodate nearly 100 palettes worth of boxed meals.

To accelerate the process, REHBEL purchased a skid steer to demo the first floor receiving area, creating the necessary space for the event.

At 8:45am REHBEL gave away it’s first dinner, staff gathered around and cheered as their Founder loaded the dinner into the vehicle.

Cars, trucks and U-Haul’s lined through the parking lot, while REHBEL employees checked names, and loaded the dinners.

When a palette of dinners became low, a forklift would quickly bring out another, never skipping a beat. After the reserved dinners were distributed, REHBEL took the remaining boxes into the community, creating quite the parade.

The REHBEL truck, a turkey riding a forklift and a crowd of people, they knocked on doors, leaving meals on front porches, shouting “Happy Thanksgiving!”

People came out of their homes to see what the commotion was, and began pointing REHBEL to homes in the area that would really benefit from a free Thanksgiving dinner.

Some cars stopped in the middle of the road to check out what REHBEL was doing, and they were also given a free dinner.

By the end of the day, meals were passed out to nearly every home within a few blocks of REHBEL’s headquarters.

REHBEL custom designed the boxes for the event, branded with their message of spreading love over fear and hate.

While the Thanksgiving dinner giveaway event was happening on the ground floor, some of REHBEL was upstairs cooking their family dinner to celebrate.

Approximately 80 REHBEL employees and their families gathered to share a potluck style dinner, equipped with 3 turkeys.

REHBEL’s founder encouraged everyone to hold hands and give thanks before lining up buffet style to the impressive spread.

With full stomachs and warm hearts, the dinner chatter had one common theme; giving back feels really amazing. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!


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