REHBEL has a lot to celebrate. 

In 2021, we grew exponentially in every way possible.

We’ve expanded our team, our headquarters and our community events.

We look forward to growing even more in 2022. A lot more.

To send 2021 packing, and to welcome 2022, we gathered as we do on most holidays; as a family. 

Walking through our facility, we admired our favorite spots and shared stories.

We admired the view from the rooftop overlooking Lansing, and gave gratitude to the room where REHBEL began. 

In just a few years, we went from a 10×10 grow tent, to a massive warehouse, producing copious amounts of cannabis. And we’re proud.  

2021 was one hell of a year, and despite the challenges it brought, we finished strong. And we’re ready for more. 

Bring it 2022.

We’re ready.


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