REHBEL kicked off their weekly meeting with a concept that is universally applicable; success is a lifestyle. REHBEL cares about their employees, and understands that health and wellness is a direct correlation to their company’s success. As REHBEL’s owner stated, “We are elevating ourselves, and our company.”

REHBEL’s management leads by example by prioritizing their health, although admitting they’re not perfect. To encourage their employees to live a healthy lifestyle, REHBEL has been working with grocery stores within the community to develop a healthy grocery incentive program. “Overall, we’re trying to get there together.” REHBEL believes that both employees and plants thrive when given high quality ingredients. Happy and healthy employees result in happy and healthy cannabis plants.

Happy plants are the result of happy employees

Feeling good and elevating yourself is not only diet and exercise, but also about giving back. Generosity towards others increases individual happiness and overall quality of life, while also improving the community. REHBEL values their community and continues to expand their effort to give back as they grow.

2020 Thanksgiving Volunteers

In 2020 REHBEL partnered with community organizers within the city and donated 330 Thanksgiving dinners to the Lansing community. This year they increased that number to a projected 1,000 meals. One volunteer from last year commented, “It’s one of those things that make you feel good” while others murmured in agreement. REHBEL has a holistic approach to their organization; when you nurture the individuals, the business and community thrives.

2020 Thanksgiving Dinner Donation

REHBEL’s meeting concluded with discussion of the first REHBEL Trunk or Treat event for Lansing kids and their families. This event is open to the community and will be held Friday, October 29th from 6-8pm in the REHBEL headquarters parking lot. This year’s event will include fresh fruit, games, photo opportunities and an expected 12 trunks of candy!

REHBEL employees discussing community events at their latest meeting

REHBEL closes their meeting with a chant that resonates with their culture, “We rise we fall together”. For additional information on our community events, send us a message on the “contact” form.


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