REHBEL does things a little differently, and this includes family outings to Uncle John’s Cider Mill. They took their own tour bus, equipped with disco lights, premium sound system, and large enough for about 35 REHBEL employees and their families.

REHBEL Tour Bus on the way to Uncle Johns Cider Mill

If you drove by REHBEL on this early Sunday afternoon, you would see the employees laughing while they made sure the bus was spotless for the journey.

REHBEL Staff on the way to Uncle Johns Cider Mill

Outkast bumped through the speakers as excitement built, the group dancing and singing. The bus driver singing and jazz handing his way through the verses of “Hey Ya”, as he effortlessly maneuvered the bus through Lansing, to Uncle Johns.

REHBEL Staff on the way to Uncle Johns Cider Mill

Pulling into the cider mill in the REHBEL bus attracted attention. As they descended the steps, a river of black shirts, you couldn’t help but notice the impact of REHBEL’s presence.

REHBEL Staff at Uncle Johns Cider Mill

“What does a group of cannabis cultivation employees do at the cider mill?” you may ask, and the answer is, “everything”.

REHBEL Tour Bus at Uncle Johns Cider Mill

After eating donuts and drinking cider, REHBEL moves on to pick sunflowers and play corn hole, their kids stepping in to assist.

REHBEL Staff at Uncle Johns Cider Mill

As REHBEL pulled onto the highway to return to Headquarters, the group cheered the driver on. Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, and 35 REHBEL employees sang in unison as kids dozed in their laps.  REHBEL’s founder simply stated “It was a good day.”

REHBEL Staff on the way back from Uncle Johns Cider Mill

“What IS REHBEL?” Although a simple question, it has quite the complex answer. The goal is to be the Jack Daniel’s of cannabis, however it’s not just about the cannabis. REHBEL is also about building a culture of connection through cannabis.

REHBEL is just like any other family going on adventures, just on a larger scale, and as always, they find their own way.


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